In early 2019 we began the process of putting a third 40' container together for shipping in late summer. Minimax has graciously agreed to store equipment and supplies until the end of July, at which time we will, hopefully, have gathered enough equipment to fill a container and ship it to Ghana. We are looking for medical equipment in good condition and supplies. We are also looking for children's books in English and French for preschool to grade 6. Upon arrival in Ghana and the distribution of medical equipment, this container will be repurposed into a rural community library.

Recently the opportunity arose to visit with members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa Stittsville to say "thank you" and provide an update on both the container and the Global Grant to provide information about Neglected Tropical Diseases - Education, Identification and Treatment.

The pictures below are donations we received from a family in Ottawa who's loved ones passed a short time ago. The Rotary Club of  Ottawa-Stittsville arranged for the transportation of the donation to Minimax in Cornwall.     #rotarystory#rotaryclubofcornwallsunrise #rotarydistrict7040 #rotaryinternational#district7040 #rotaryprojects #rotarystories #rotaryclubofstittsville