Rotary Trivia night – 2020 Style
November 20, 2020 – 7:30 -9:00 PM
After 21 years, our Trivia Night will take on a very different look!  What will be different about the event this year in light of COVID?    Everything!!
Trivia Night – 2020 Style will be completely different! The virtual event will use the Zoom platform for participants to watch the event and Kahoot to input the answers to the questions on a touch screen. This is really easy… no writing, no spelling …… lots of fun.  Use your laptop (tablet, PC or other device) to watch on Zoom and your cell phone (or other device) to answer the questions on Kahoot. All of the questions are multiple choice (usually four choices). Points for correct answers are awarded based upon speed. Running scores are visible at all times, this eliminates delays and makes the whole event move quickly. There will be six categories of ten questions each.
This event is designed to accommodate from one to four participants per Zoom link. The link will be sent to the participant upon registration.  The PIN for the game is only available to participants after they are logged in, just a few minutes before the actual event begins.
Participants are reminded to install Zoom and Kahoot prior to the event. On November 20, login begins at 7:00pm … event begins at 7:30pm
Questions cover a wide range of topics grouped into categories such as sports (general or specific), geography and/or travel, science, history, general trivia, etc. While the format will have changed considerably, topics remain similar to previous years with a range of difficulty from easy to challenging. For anyone familiar with our usual in-person event, there will not be a warm-up marathon of 50 questions this year.
The end-result of our fundraising enables us to give back to the community by supporting both ongoing community needs and projects, such as the Arts and Culture Centre, the Children’s Christmas Fund, local foodbanks and women’s shelters which are experiencing great need. We have ongoing commitments to support youth mental health education and other programs benefiting young people and the community at large. As members of the community, our goal is to help support our community’s needs and provide enhancements that improve the quality of life for its citizens
How can you get involved? People can register at
 A donation of $10 is suggested to register for a link.
As this is a fund-raiser we request that each person in a group contribute a minimum of $10 by using the donation option when registering.  Participants who make a donation of $20 or more in addition of the basic registration will receive a receipt for their charitable gift.