Potable Water System for Las Graditas, Jayaque, El Salvador GG1869992
The objective of this project is to provide quality drinking water to the homes in the hamlet of Las Graditas, Canton Minas, Jayaque, La Libertad, El Salvador. Many homes had shallow wells that were contaminated by flooding caused by a hurricane in 2011.  All these wells were located close to family latrines. An estimated 250 people,  (45 adult males, 45 adult women, 135 children)  will benefit. Families that can afford it currently spend approximately $60 per month to buy drinking water. Water for laundry is from a contaminated stream.
This project will drill a deep well to a known aquifer, construct a 30 cubic meter storage tank, with pump and chlorination system, and install piping to take the water directly to homes, rather than have a public tap that could lead to the water being sold elsewhere.
Some Beneficiaries
Project Partners
Club Rotario San Salvador Noroeste
Rotary Club of Louisville, KY 
Rotary Club of Gananoque
Rotary Club of Lake Placid
Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise
Rotary Club of Lexington, KY
Rotary Clubs of Henderson, Paducah and Frankfort 
Districts 4140, 5170,  6710, 6740, 7040
Update - Potable Water System, El Salvador
On January 15, 2021 we received a report from Tito Mancia - El Salvador through Rick Harned - Rotary Club of Louisville, KY indicating the progress of GG1869992 to provide a Potable Water System for the village of Las Graditas. This project was led by the Rotary Club of Louisville, Kentucky and Club Rotario San Salvador Noroeste in El Salvador. The District 7040 Rotary Clubs of Cornwall Sunrise, Gananoque and Lake Placid supported the sponsor Rotary clubs to provide this Potable Water System for the village of Las Graditas, Jayaque, El Salvador.
In 2011 the village's shallow village wells were contaminated by flooding from a hurricane. This new drilled well, storage tanks and distribution system will provide clean water for 250 people. This well was drilled in Dec. 2020 to a depth of 105ft into bedrock and is now pumping an ample supply of clean potable water. The next step is to construct a 30 cubic metre storage tank with pump and chlorination system and install piping to take water directly to homes.  The total cost of the project is $71,334 US
We thank Rotarians Rick Harned and Tito Mancia for all their hard work to make this project a success.
Rotary Site Visit
Work in Progress - January 2021
Installation of pipes to distribute water to the homes of residents
Almost Finished - October 2021
The water storage tank is now in place 
Potable Water Flows
Global Grant #1869992 is now complete
The local residents who are the beneficiaries built a stone wall to help divert flood waters and prevent erosion near the water tank.
 Some of the benefiting families near the pumphouse review the work completed and maintenance practices to be followed.
Recognition of the partners, both in El Salvador and abroad,  who have helped make this water project a successful undertaking.