Tres Ceibas School in Armenia
Commissioning Ceremony at Tres Ceibras School 
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The purpose of this project is to develop change in the health and hygiene behavior among girls/boys

The purpose of the project is to develop change in the health and hygiene behavior among the girls and boys attending the school and the larger community in order to promote health and increase school attendance, particularly by girls. This will occur through the provision of a new sanitary system of toilets and washing facilities at the school and through a hygiene practices education program for all the students, their families and community leaders. In total, 354 students (boys: 189 and girls: 165) will be benefit directly. Implementation of health education curriculum and activities will indirectly impact 354 student families (1770 people) and 11 teachers' families (10 women and 1 man). This phase of Toileton led by Club Rotario Maquilishuat was completed in March 2019.
The Goals of Toileton
The aim of TOILETON is to provide all students in 500 public schools with toilets, sinks and hygiene training appropriate for each gender.  It also plans to ensure that there is an appropriate solid waste management system. Additionally, the project will provide training on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) related topics for teachers, students and members of the community.
In the country's rural schools there are efforts to repair classrooms, ceilings, access to books and materials but not access to clean water, sinks for hand-washing and latrines. Not only is this a cultural problem that impacts the quality of life and long-term health of children and adolescents but access to potable water also impacts the country's economy and infrastructure.
Project Partners
Louisville Suburban, KY, USA (Rotary Club)
Oakland, CA, USA (Rotary Club)
San Salvador Maquilishuat, S.S., El Salvador (Rotary Club)
Cornwall Sunrise, ON, Canada (Rotary Club)
Montreal, QC, Canada (Rotaract Club)
Some WASH activities
Workshop: Learning to take care of water
Workshop with young children, feedback on the contents that water is our friend and learning to go to the bathroom.
Workshop: Water Care
The fourth and fifth grade topic was water care, emphasizing the responsibility we all have to care for water in our development space (family, community and school).
Workshop: Water Importance for the Life and Activities of Human Beings.
A day with mothers, fathers and family to work on the importance care. Participating people, had fun and learned the value of water for life.
Workshop: Water Transportation, Storage and Care
The eighth and ninth graders learned about the importance of taking safe water care measures when transporting and storing it.  
Workshop: Importance, care and good use of sanitary toilets.
′′ Sharing my best and worst experience with sanitary bathrooms ′′ emphasized the importance of having a suitable space to meet the needs of female students.