Collection of Good Used Medical Equipment
For several years, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise has spearheaded an initiative to collect good used medical equipment that is no longer meeting the needs of Canadian medical facilities. These pieces of equipment are being collected and stored in Cornwall in preparation for shipment to Ghana where they do serve to fill ongoing needs by helping to equip rural medical posts or small hospitals that are very short of necessary equipment. For example, most hospital beds being used in Canada now require access to a reliable source of electricity; in Ghana crank-style beds are necessary because the supply of electricity is not reliable.
To date, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise, with help from a number of partners, has managed to send four containers of good used medical equipment to support healthcare facilities abroad. This has resulted in establishment of one new rural health post, the upgrading of one rural medical post to hospital status with a full-time doctor and nursing staff. Several other facilities and many people with disabilities have also seen substantial improvements. All of this has been accomplished with the cooperation with Ghana Health Services and our international Rotary partners.
What Was Done 
This project provides a medical clinic for approximately 60,000 people in a remote agricultural region that is completely isolated during the rainy season and partially isolated the rest of the time because of poor road conditions. It was determined that even during good conditions that a container could not be transported over the roads, hence, alternatives were explored. Renovation of an unused coco shed was investigated. The community met and resolved instead that if the chief donated the land, citizens who are skilled workmen would donate their time and skill to build a proper clinic to serve their remote underserved rural region. The project funding provided building materials and some medical supplies; the community provided the labour and land. .. the only labour paid was for skill trades the community could not provide. 
While in Ghana, there was on-site discussion and consultation between Rotarians from Canada with the beneficiaries. Communication regarding the details for this project have continued on a regular (almost weekly) basis to provide ongoing oversight. Some medical supplies and treatment were provided.
Indirectly related to this project, there has been and continues to be a WASH component including provision of a much needed well as a source of clean water. Some of the accomplishments include access to emergency health care and treatment of accident victims; elimination of cholera outbreaks; reduced mortality from childbirth, malaria, etc.
Ghana Health Services will provide the services of one or more health care workers (nurse)