In 2007, Rotarian Roger Lee made his first trip to Uganda. At that time, he met several families with children who had disabilities and other serious problems related to poverty. Help to resolve the the problems, not of their own creation, were provided by Roger.  Since that time, communication and supportive counselling has been ongoing. Over the years, friendships and a variety of supportive activities have developed and the circle has expanded as the annual visits to Uganda have continued. 
For a number of years, Roger has organized a comedy show to help raise the funds necessary to support his philanthropic endeavours. The comedy shows continue as a club fundraiser. Because Roger has shared the various activities along with some of the “ups” and “downs” with the club membership, Roger’s work in Uganda is very popular with the club membership. During Covid the comedy show could not take place so members of the Club held an in-house fundraiser that involved purchasing goats, supplies and assorted essential items via a virtual auction. 
More recently, a working relationship has been established with the Rotary Club of Kampala-Kawempe and the Rotary Club of Arua Eco City.