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St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre (SJCCC)
Last Wednesday morning (May 17, 2023), we were privileged to benefit from our guest speaker, Christie Hollingsworth, Community Engagement Officer at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre.  She spoke to us about the changes in health care and the status of SJCCC, recently known as St. Joseph’s Villa, on the corner of York and Water Street, here in Cornwall.  At present, there are 150 residents living in long-term care who call SJCCC home.
In 2022, 341 community members were admitted to Hotel Dieu Hospital to participate in SJCCC's inpatient rehabilitation program. The program has 58 beds where patients rehabilitate anywhere from two weeks up to 90 days, as they work towards their return home and back into the community.
In May 2023, construction began in order to enhance the current rehabilitation program and to prepare itself for the needs ahead.  SJCCC has partnered with St. Joseph's Care Foundation and launched “Stronger Together”, a fundraising campaign set to raise $680,000 over the next three years.
Through partnerships, community events, and local support, the campaign will run until 2025.
Some of the pictures shown above reflect examples of the various types of fitness stations that will improve the health of our senior citizens and ease their mobility by strengthening basic body movements.  The goal is to allow our elderly to remain living at home or at least in an environment where they can maintain a sense of independence. 
Some of the fitness equipment required costs anywhere from $400 to $2500.  The fundraising requirements for this equipment form part of addressing the challenges of meeting the health care needs of our aging community.
On June 16, 2023, the board voted in favour of the following -  
$10,000 - to contribute toward the purchase of a dynamic stair trainer
● Currently, they do not own or have access to this piece of equipment but would love the opportunity to introduce it to their programs. This helps mimic the various different stair heights available and is fully adjustable.