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  • Conduct education and training of community volunteers in identification of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) like Buruli ulcer, Yaws, Leprosy, etc.
  • Provide education and training of community medical personnel in identification and treatment of NTDs like Buruli ulcer, Yaws, Leprosy, etc.
  • Promote improvement of sanitation practices through education in hand washing; care of potable water; care of the sick and the care and maintenance of facilities to support these objectives.
  • Conduct on-going case searches in villages/communities by trained community based volunteers to help detect disease cases in early stages.  Facilitate treatment of identified cases of disease as appropriate.
  • Conduct community education night seminars and active screening by district health teams for NTDs and to train the communities in proper handwashing and hygiene.
  • Continue to liaise with World Health Organization (WHO) personnel and researchers regarding best practices and new information as it becomes available.
  • Purchase of skin grafting equipment and training of 4 Doctors on skin grafting