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This project was started in 1989 toward the end of the first year following the chartering of the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise. The original suggestion suggestion came from Sandra Loucks, wife of Charter President Brian Loucks. They recognized that a fall/winter fundraising project was necessary if we were to undertake the projects we dreamed of. (We had already undertaken the annual golf tournament and bingo was soon to follow as a source of club revenue).


We sold about 450 pots of flowers during out first year; now, this project has grown into one of our most important fundraising projects. We sell upwards to 1500 - 2000 pots annually and realize sufficient funds to help the Club support various projects within the community and abroad.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, Agape Centre and the Salvation Army Food Banks; Baldwin House; Akwesasne Family Wellness Centre and Centre 105 have become a primary focus in helping to ensure that our citizens receive help at this difficulty time.  It is our hope that successful fundraising will also enable continuation of the support we have been proud to give to various youth and other programs
Among the Club's first projects were annual contributions to palliative care at both hospitals (when we had two) and a day-away event for seniors which is still an annual event although suspended this year because of the pandemic.

Some of the other community projects that have benefited:-

  • The Aquatic Centre        $50,000 
  • Children's Playground Equipment at Lamoureux Park      $40,000
  • Boys and Girls Club (start-up funds)       $25,000
  • Benson Centre  (3 + 1 arena complex)    $50,000
  • Cornwall Community Hospital       $50,000
  • Cornwall Community Hospital (MRI campaign)    $10,000
  • Cornwall Hospice Cornwall   $50,000 
  • Mental Health facility at CCH       $20,000
  • Cornwall Outdoor Gym facility    in excess of $30,000 
  • Cornwall Arts & Culture Centre    $50,000
  • The Children's Christmas Fund receives ongoing support as do a number of other local charities and organizations including Tri-County Literacy and the children's mental health education program. 
  • Over the years, the Agape Centre benefited from the preparation and serving of a monthly Agape luncheon by Rotarians until the program was terminated by Agape. Funds for the snowsuit fund, Curious Chefs program and equipment upgrades have also been donated..

Internationally, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is committed to assisting in humanitarian programs such as eradicating polio; restoring eyesight through cataract surgeries; making clean water available to those who do not have access to it and assisting in the elimination of Buruli Ulcer, a flesh-eating disease, and other neglected tropical diseases such as Yaws and Leprosy.


The Mums, which are florist quality, are pre-sold by club members or online at a cost of $15 per pot. Any member will be pleased to accept your order.  

Delivery will take place from September 27th - October 2nd.
Pickup will be 
Friday, September 29th, from 14:00-18:00 and 
Saturday, September  30th, from 09:00-12:00 @
30 Sixth Street East (Across from Giant Tiger)