International Service

International Service involves undertaking projects and forming friendships beyond our borders. Currently our club is actively participating in projects in Ghana, El Salvador, Lebanon and India.
Like most international projects, our projects embrace most of Rotary's seven areas of focus to varying degrees depending upon the needs that have been identified by the people who will benefit. 
Rotary has identified seven areas of focus for projects for which The Rotary Foundation may assist financially. These areas are Promoting peace; Fighting disease; Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; Saving mothers and children; Supporting education; Growing local economies; Protecting the environment.
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Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Virtual Trivia Night
We hope you had fun.  Your support helps us support our community.
Thank you, also, to our sponsors and the team who organized and
managed this virtual event.

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A New Year - Trivia 2021

Hosting and participating in a Virtual Trivia Night last November was a real fun experience for an enthusiastic group of people. Hosting a successful event required a team effort by everyone involved in the various phases of organizing from start to finish. We are particularly indebted to our quizmasters and tech team who are working hard to cook up a brand new series of questions to challenge your skills and knowledge about lots of things; we welcome our sponsors and are delighted they are back; and of course we hope that trivia enthusiasts from far and near will contribute to fun by participating.
Participating in a virtual event is very different from the annual in-person event that we have hosted for the past 22 years. Gone were the teams and tables of eight; gone was the silent auction as a holiday shopping event; and gone was the rush to get a good seat. Instead, teams of one to four players have an opportunity to snuggle down in front of a computes with Zoom and Kahoot as new best friends. Reports from our first venture suggest that a good time was had by players regardless of the reason they played…. some were curious, some were diehard trivia enthusiasts, some were just bored with the Covid-19 restrictions, ……..all are friends of Rotary (some more recent than others) and we truly appreciated everyone’s participation!
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Trivia Night - 2020 Style

Trivia Night - 2020 Style
Hosting and participating in a Virtual Trivia Night was a new experience for an enthusiastic group of people. Hosting a successful event like this requires a team effort by everyone involved in various phases of organizing from start to finish. We are particularly indebted to our quizmasters and tech team; to the sponsors; and of course the actual success is because of everyone from far and near who played.
Participating in this virtual event was very different from the annual in-person event that we had hosted for the past 22 years. Gone were the teams and tables of eight; gone was the silent auction as a holiday shopping event; and gone was the rush to get a good seat. Instead, teams of one to four players snuggled down in front of their computes with Zoom and Kahoot as new best friends. Reports suggest that a good time was had by players regardless of the reason they played…. some were curious, some were diehard trivia enthusiasts, some were just bored with the Covid-19 restrictions, ……..all are friends of Rotary (some more recent than others) and we truly appreciate everone’s participation!
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Rotary Trivia Night - 2020 Style

Rotary Trivia night – 2020 Style
November 20, 2020 – 7:30 -9:00 PM
After 21 years, our Trivia Night will take on a very different look!  What will be different about the event this year in light of COVID?    Everything!!
Trivia Night – 2020 Style will be completely different! The virtual event will use the Zoom platform for participants to watch the event and Kahoot to input the answers to the questions on a touch screen. This is really easy… no writing, no spelling …… lots of fun.  Use your laptop (tablet, PC or other device) to watch on Zoom and your cell phone (or other device) to answer the questions on Kahoot. All of the questions are multiple choice (usually four choices). Points for correct answers are awarded based upon speed. Running scores are visible at all times, this eliminates delays and makes the whole event move quickly. There will be six categories of ten questions each.
This event is designed to accommodate from one to four participants per Zoom link. The link will be sent to the participant upon registration.  The PIN for the game is only available to participants after they are logged in, just a few minutes before the actual event begins.
Participants are reminded to install Zoom and Kahoot prior to the event. On November 20, login begins at 7:00pm … event begins at 7:30pm
Questions cover a wide range of topics grouped into categories such as sports (general or specific), geography and/or travel, science, history, general trivia, etc. While the format will have changed considerably, topics remain similar to previous years with a range of difficulty from easy to challenging. For anyone familiar with our usual in-person event, there will not be a warm-up marathon of 50 questions this year.
The end-result of our fundraising enables us to give back to the community by supporting both ongoing community needs and projects, such as the Arts and Culture Centre, the Children’s Christmas Fund, local foodbanks and women’s shelters which are experiencing great need. We have ongoing commitments to support youth mental health education and other programs benefiting young people and the community at large. As members of the community, our goal is to help support our community’s needs and provide enhancements that improve the quality of life for its citizens
How can you get involved? People can register at
 A donation of $10 is suggested to register for a link.
As this is a fund-raiser we request that each person in a group contribute a minimum of $10 by using the donation option when registering.  Participants who make a donation of $20 or more in addition of the basic registration will receive a receipt for their charitable gift.
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World Polio Week - 2020

Rotary and polio

Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a paralyzing and potentially fatal disease that still threatens children in some parts of the world. Poliovirus invades the nervous system and can cause total paralysis in hours. It can strike people of any age but mainly affects children under five. Polio can be prevented by vaccines, but it is not curable. Unlike most diseases, polio can be eradicated.
For more than 30 years, Rotary and our partners have driven the effort to eradicate polio worldwide. Our PolioPlus program was the first initiative to tackle global polio eradication by vaccinating children on a massive scale. As a core partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary focuses on advocacy, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and awareness-building.
Rotary members have contributed more than $2.1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries from this paralyzing disease. Rotary’s advocacy efforts have played a role in decisions by governments to contribute more than $10 billion to the effort.
Polio Today
When Rotary and its partners formed the GPEI in 1988, there were 350,000 cases of polio in 125 countries every year. Today, we have reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent, and just two countries continue to report cases of wild poliovirus: Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because of the efforts of Rotary and its partners, nearly 19 million people who would otherwise have been paralyzed are walking, and more than 1.5 million people are alive who would otherwise have died. The infrastructure we helped build to end polio is also being used to treat and prevent other diseases (including COVID-19) and create lasting impact in other areas of public health.
Rotary and our partners have made tremendous progress against polio, but eliminating all cases is going to take even more progress and perseverance. Afghanistan and Pakistan face unique challenges, including political insecurity, highly mobile populations, difficult terrain, and, in some instances, vaccine refusal and misinformation. With sufficient resources, the commitment of national governments, and innovations that improve access to remote areas, we are optimistic that we can eliminate polio.
Ensuring Success
Rotary has committed to raising $50 million per year for polio eradication. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged to match that 2-to-1, for a total commitment of $150 million each year. These funds provide much-needed operational support, medical workers, laboratory equipment, and educational materials. Governments, corporations, and private donors all play a crucial role in funding.
Rotary in Action
More than 1 million Rotary members have donated their time and money to eradicate polio, and every year, hundreds of members work with health workers to vaccinate children in countries affected by polio. Rotary members work with UNICEF and other partners to prepare and distribute informational materials for people in areas that are isolated by conflict, geography, or poverty. They also mobilize to recruit fellow volunteers, assist in transporting the vaccine, and provide other logistical support.
Celebrity Support
Rotary has a growing list of public figures and celebrities who support our fight against polio, including Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; actresses Kristen Bell and Archie Panjabi; actor and wrestling superstar John Cena; supermodel Isabeli Fontana; Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu; action-movie star Jackie Chan; actor Donald Sutherland; boxing great Manny Pacquiao; pop star Psy; golf legend Jack Nicklaus; conservationist Jane Goodall; premier violinist Itzhak Perlman; Grammy Award winners A.R. Rahman, Angélique Kidjo, and Ziggy Marley; and peace advocate Queen Noor of Jordan. These ambassadors help Rotary educate the public about the disease and the fight to end polio for good.  
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Charity Begins at Home

COVID-19 – Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise Activities
Charity starts at home. As Covid-19 virus slowly flattens throughout Ontario but surges in other parts of the world, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise has focused on ways to support the local community as well as our partner clubs in the world. Taking care of our community and of our international partners is a priority and we have contributed through projects to assist shelters and food banks locally as well as provide materials for wash stations abroad.
We have provided $1,000 to local shelters such as Maison Baldwin House and the Akwesasne Family Wellness Centre to provide assorted cleaning and sanitizing materials as well as other needs identified by the shelter. Another $1,000 was given to Centre 105 to help provide bagged meals and coffee, tea and bottled water to participants via a pick-up window.
The Agape Food Bank and the Salvation Army Food Bank each received a total of $4,000 worth of food at wholesale cost. This was arranged with help from Barry Height at Baxtrom’s YIG and cooperation from Sysco (Tannis) Ottawa. Each food bank received two donations of $2,000 worth of food. The second donation to each food bank was made possible by the cycling challenges issued by Cornwall bicycle enthusiasts Cory Reggentin and Joe McNamara.
Along with members of other local community service clubs, a number of Cornwall Sunrise Rotarians assisted with packing and delivering the food hampers provided by the Optimist Club to the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area and made available for those in need.
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Summaries of 2019 (AGM Reports)

Membership Report
January 1 to December 10 2019
I can only describe the last two years as spectacular with respect to membership. Our club has been strengthened and renewed with this increase in members. Thanks to Sheila Taillon for all her efforts to make this happen.
Darlene Ferguson, Sharyn Duffy, Gilbert Terrence, Tyler Siegrist  and Rodger Lee have all joined the club since January.  Thanks to their sponsors Gilles Renaud, Sheila Tallon Tom Everson and Bette Miller!
All members have up to date police checks.
Dessert and Discussion-rotary chats for new members were initiated on October. These chats give new members an opportunity to learn more about Rotary in an unstructured setting.  Many seasoned members attend these chats and share insights to Rotary.  This initiative will continue in the new year.
There are no set targets for new membership in the coming year but I will keep membership top if mind at meetings and hope that will continue to be successful in attracting new members.
I hope to enhance the Rotary experience for all new members and will look to organize a trip to the United Nations on Rotary day.
Terry Brouillet
Membership Chair 2019-2020
Community Service chair report
Wednesday December 11, 2019
Community service chair responsibilities
1)           Is responsible for forming a committee that will examine and determine the suitability of requests for funding that come to the club
2)           Will create a process whereby funding will be allocated
3)           Will ensure that the executive is aware of the requests and the direction being recommended
4)           Will consult with the club executive to ensure that collective wisdom is tapped in decision making
Note as this is the annual meeting, my report covers the calendar year of 2019
Areas we have worked on in the past year cover:
Health, Literacy Education & Public Awareness, Arts, Youth Seniors and Community
Annual Blood Donor Clinic - $250.00
Outdoor Exercise Area -0 Work in Progress to try and complete Donations too
CMHA - $6,000.00 (ours + Impact Donation)
Literacy, Education & Public Awareness
Literacy Program -  Dictionaries for Life - $600.00 (next year consider some to Boys & Girls Club)
Adventures in the Environment
Human Trafficking Awareness
Remembrance Day Wreath & Ceremony - $150.00
Take A Veteran to Dinner - $600.00
Arts Centre - $10,000.00
Youth, Seniors & Community
Alzheimer’s Society - $100.00 + Promotion
Senior's Day Away Program (Meal, travel & band entertainment)- $2,000.00
Sponsorship to Bingo Hall for their Promotions - $100.00
Salvation Army - Christmas Kettles
Children's Christmas Fund - $2,000.00
Assistance to fill Food Baskets Boys and Girls Club
Karla Project
Sea Cadets,
Air Cadets
Akwesasne POWWOW - $1,000.00
Rachael's Kids - $1,200.00 (Kids Summer Program + $400.00 for Youth Program Promotion
Support to Akwesasne Sport Program ( No money required as their funding request was not approved)
Mums to Senior's Residences
Bridging The Gap Program - $3,000.00) ( Stefano to give Program Update in New Year)
Community Living - $100.00 to promote their annual fund raiser
Report respectably submitted by Carol Bennett Bray
AGM Report
July 2019-December2019
Foundation Chair/International Service
  • Foundation giving (Annual Fund) – 2018-19 - $ 8742 USD – pledged $5000   - $3975 (Cdn)  of total was from Foundation Walk
  •   2019-20 to date $436. Pledged $4500    (FYI  Pledges are lower than expected giving… allows for funds to be diverted to a global grant, if necessary, and still meet our goal)
  • End Polio Now  (all in USD)– 2018-19 - $2019   goal was $1500
                                               2019-20 - $5023  to date  - pledged $1000
In addition EarlyAct Purple Pinkies at Roxmore PS = $84 Cdn.  & Eamer’s Corners PS- $131 Cdn.
  • Ghana-Awareness, Education, and Treatment of Buruli Ulcer  (Global Grant #1638228)
Conduct education and training of community volunteers in identification of Neglected Tropical Diseases. (NTDs) like Buruli ulcer, Yaws, Leprosy, etc. Provide education and training of community medical personnel in identification and treatment of NTDs like Buruli ulcer, Yaws, Leprosy, etc. Promote improvement of sanitation practices through education in hand washing; care of potable water; care of the sick and the care and maintenance of facilities to support these objectives. Conduct on-going case searches in villages/communities by trained community based volunteers to help detect disease cases in early stages. Facilitate treatment of identified cases of disease as appropriate. Conduct community education night seminars and active screening by district health teams for NTD's. Continue to liaise with World Health Organization (WHO) personnel and researchers re best practices and new information as it becomes available. Conduct refresher seminars and provide small incentives as needed at 12 month intervals to the effectiveness and efficiency of community volunteers.Funding Summary DDF contributions: 21,000.00 Cash contributions: 30,000.00 Non-Rotarian contributions matched by the Foundation: 45,000.00 Financing subtotal (matched contributions + World Fund): 154,500.00 Total funding: 154,500.00 Total budget: 154,500.00 Grant, District Matching Grant (containers), donated medical supplies, etc., and the
  •  Shipping Containers (District Matching Grant)
Ship a 40’ container from Cornwall Ontario Canada to Ghana
Distribute the contents of the container to various health facilities in need, identified by Ghana Health Service/Ministry
Concrete foundations will be created to place the container on to prevent erosion
Construct Windows, ceilings, electrical wiring, Doors, walls and roof for the containerFurnishings will come from some of the supplies shipped and others provided by the communities.
   Financing Summary (total $30,000 US)
            (1) Rotarian/Club Cash Amount in US:  $20,000
            (2) DDF Amount Requested in US ($1 of line 1): $10,000
  • Mending hearts & spreading peace through children heart surgeries by connecting people
         Cash from Club Cornwall Sunrise-$1000+$50=$1500   District Designated Fund (DDF)=$1000
  • Clothing for refugees (Bette/Katie)- have been looking after the clothing for refugees project in partnership with E-Club Premier 7040  (the French e-club based in Montreal) that is doing clothing, etc.,  distribution to mostly Haitian refugees in Montreal.  Difficult to estimate the value of clothing -Bette and Katie  have taken at least 5 loads to them (car is jammed full of bags of clothing) plus a few odd garbage bags full that we’ve traded off at functions when we and someone from Montreal are at.
  • District Simplified grant  $2500 (Go with the Flow)
           180 kits so far this year.
           $2000 of donation money spent with enough  supplies for 100 kits.  There is a new chapter starting in Kingston in January. 
           12 regular members help with the project.  Next kits destined for Uganda.
Public Image & Public Relations
Special thanks to the members who have been sharing photos and other useful materials to help promote our Club and its activities. ….. this helps a lot. Members are actively assisting in “making ourselves look good” and in building awareness of the good things we are doing in the community and beyond.
Branding is important and work is continuing to be done to make Cornwall Sunrise Rotary a recognized brand locally and beyond. The domain name for our website is just one of the ways we are doing this…. Rotary clothing, etc. will also help to move recognition forward.
Our Polio Event was particularly successful…. Thank you to all who helped in any way.
The expansion of projects that are also fellowship activities (Go with the Flow, bingo, etc.) provides a positive dimension to our club.
Some positive things include; (most are not new but need to be emphasized and expanded)
  • a presence at Williamstown Fair – the Fair Board appreciates and recognizes us
  • Signage inside the arena at the Prowlers games
  • Social media – Facebook is continuing to become more effective as we expand our presence. Current objective is at least one new post per week with as many “shares”  and “likes” as possible.
  • The website, like Facebook, benefits from input from all …. Photos, articles and other suggestions.
  • The database of media contacts continues to be updated and expanded (slowly) and expectations with their timelines, etc. are being noted.
  • Reaching out to local reporters personally is beneficial and generally has resulted in excellent media coverage
  • Making use of community calendars i.e. Cogeco , the SF and other publications to promote events
  • Our presence at Blood Donor Clinics; Salvation Army Kettle Drive; Remembrance Day and other community events is important …. More effective if we wear Rotary clothing
Some things for consideration:-
  • Development of contacts at the local radio station and at CKON.  
  • Develop a list of public billboards where posters can be displayed. Using these has minimal effectiveness but hand delivering posters to selected businesses is effective.
  • Development of databases for various events and fundraisers as well as timelines for promotion to begin… we need to start earlier!
  • Starting to advertise events earlier to ensure that our sponsors feel that they are getting “bang for their buck” by making sure we give good exposure to our sponsors.
  • Providing a formal “thank you” after the event to all sponsors & donors (this was done following Trivia Night… those that were personally delivered were very well received
  • Establish a policy re paid advertising (radio, press, etc.)
  • Paid advertising on the Club website – need to follow-up regularly
  • Twitter account? Instagram?
  • Members being more visible in Rotary attire at events like bingo, etc.
  • Press releases to accompany presentation of cheques
There is still a lot that can be done!!
Respectfully submitted
Bette Miller
December 11, 2019
Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise
Report of E-Secretary
AGM – December 11, 2019
Members continue to be encouraged to use ClubRunner for e-communications that involve all members and to update their personal information on our ClubRunner account.
Integration of Club information from ClubRunner to the RI database was monitored and maintained regularly.
Prior to the end of June 2019, all club goals and objectives had been recorded on Rotary Club Central.The total estimated number of volunteer hours contributed was approximately 4500 during last Rotary year.
The file of pertinent Club documents maintained on ClubRunner continues to be expanded in order to have records stored in a place that is both secure and accessible to members.
Maintenance of member attendance is performed in compliance with RI policy. Our practice is to integrate meeting attendance with participation in various club related activities. The relaxed RI policy allows integration of activities that occur anytime during a Rotary year. … our combined attendance and participation rate is high.
Speakers and other events are listed regularly on the home page and the addition of the Facebook plug-in on the home page has helped to keep it current.
Other items pertinent to the e-secretary are incorporated into the Public Image report.
Bette Miller
December 11, 2019
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Medical Equipment & Supplies plus Children's Books for a Rural Library

In early 2019 we began the process of putting a third 40' container together for shipping in late summer. Minimax has graciously agreed to store equipment and supplies until the end of July, at which time we will, hopefully, have gathered enough equipment to fill a container and ship it to Ghana. We are looking for medical equipment in good condition and supplies. We are also looking for children's books in English and French for preschool to grade 6. Upon arrival in Ghana and the distribution of medical equipment, this container will be repurposed into a rural community library.

Recently the opportunity arose to visit with members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa Stittsville to say "thank you" and provide an update on both the container and the Global Grant to provide information about Neglected Tropical Diseases - Education, Identification and Treatment.

The pictures below are donations we received from a family in Ottawa who's loved ones passed a short time ago. The Rotary Club of  Ottawa-Stittsville arranged for the transportation of the donation to Minimax in Cornwall.     #rotarystory#rotaryclubofcornwallsunrise #rotarydistrict7040 #rotaryinternational#district7040 #rotaryprojects #rotarystories #rotaryclubofstittsville

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Venezuela Cultural Dinner

We would like invite you to join us at the Venezuelan Cultural Fundraising dinner we are holding on Saturday evening, December 1st  at 6:00pm at CCVS (Cornwall Colllegiate &Vocational School).  This dinner is to help raise funds to pay for Karla’s education fees. She is currently enrolled at St. Lawrence College in the Social Service Worker program.

Tickets are available online at  Adults $20; Children $10; Students $15 (with card)

We hosted Karla as a Rotary exchange student in 2015-16 at which time, her academic ability and command of English allowed her to complete the requirements to graduate from CCVS and meet college admission requirements. She is currently enrolled at St. Lawrence College in the Social Service Worker Program.
When Karla returned to Venezuela in the summer of 2016, conditions in her home country were deteriorating. By early 2018, it became obvious that both her future and safety were in jeopardy. Plans to assist Karla to return to Canada were put in place and she managed to arrive in time to begin college as a foreign student where she is now excelling. As a foreign student, the tuition fees are heavy, hence this dinner to assist in meeting the costs.

The story of Karla and the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is very similar to that of another exchange student from Venezuela who also became a valued part of her host community and sponsor Rotary Club                                                                      

Tickets are available online at  Adults $20; Children $10; Students $15 (with card)

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The road to eradicating polio has been a long and difficult one, with Rotary leading the fight. Going from nearly 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 10 so far this year.  It has required time, money, dedication, and innovation from thousands of people.  Health workers and Rotary volunteers have climbed mountains, crossed deserts, and sailed to remote islands, risking their lives to vaccinate children against this disease.  Thanks to the efforts of Rotary and its partners, more than 16 million people who otherwise might have been paralyzed are walking today. In all, more than 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated since 1988.
Turning from the global level to our own backyard, local Rotarians have been pushing polio eradication for many years and this past year members of each local Rotary Club travelled to India to take part in a National Immunization Day project.  Sharon Miller and Gilles Renaud from the Cornwall Sunrise Rotary Club and Carolyn and Rick Taylor from the Cornwall Rotary Club, together with two guests, Ghislain Bourbonnais and Suzie Pilon, helped to immunize over 200 children in rural areas near Agra, the site of the Taj Mahal.  In addition, the group visited local schools sponsored by Rotary and an orphanage in Delhi supported by local charity Child Haven.
This experience was truly remarkable, powerful and rewarding, so much so that Sharon and Gilles are returning in January of 2019 with one of their children and two grand-children to do it all over again!
This kind of project is only possible through the support and generosity of local groups and the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise wishes to underline the great participation of both their Interact Club at CharLan District High School and their Early Act group involving students in the Eagle Wings club at Eamer’s Corners Public School in 2017.  After sharing their story and some photos of their trip each of the clubs were inspired to raise money for the “End Polio Now” campaign by hosting a Purple Pinkie event.  At the event each person who donated a minimum of $1 (the cost of the actual vaccine) got to dip their pinkie finger in purple dye to symbolize their contribution as this is done to each child immunized in order to show that they have received the life-changing vaccine.  Purple Pinkies quickly became the new “fad”!
Of note, every dollar raised is matched by the Government of Canada on a 2 for 1 basis, and then again by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  As a result of this leveraging, students who took part in these initiatives raised $4,000 allowing 4,000 children to avoid the potential threat of contracting polio.
We want to do more in the coming year and we invite interested elementary or high schools to set up EarlyAct or Interact Clubs with the help and ongoing support of either the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise or the Rotary Club of Cornwall.  As well, membership in either club is open to interested professionals who are looking to contribute locally and globally to help promote world peace and understanding and to embrace Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self”.  For more information please contact us through Facebook or via the web.  Join us and discover the change it can make, starting with you!
“WE ARE SO CLOSE … TO ENDING POLIO WORLDWIDE!”  2018-10-06 04:00:00Z 0

Human Trafficking Task Force - Part 2

 Please join us on September 5th for Part 2 as Cst. Dussault and Lambia Karitsiotis share their experiences on Human Trafficking files and how you can make a difference.  Sheila Tallon and Lambia Karitsiotis currently Co-Chair the Human Trafficking Task Force for Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne.
Patrick “Pat” Dussault is an OPP officer with over 30 year of service. He began his policing career in 1988 in Mississauga and was transferred to Lancaster 1991. He’s always worked front line and his true passion has always been with the Highway Safety Division. Cst. Dussault developed an expertise in Collision Reconstruction from 1995 – 2007.  In 2008, he turned his attention to proactively reinforcing our highways with an effort to address human trafficking and human smuggling.  
Lambia Karitsiotis, Director of Training Information, Global Resource Epicentre Against Trafficking is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a double major in Criminology and Sociology. While completing her studies, she was involved in assisting federally incarcerated lifers and long term offenders with respect to access to programming and community services. Following her post-secondary studies, Ms. Karitsiotis began her career with community corrections, where she has been supervising adult offenders for over 14 years. Additionally, Ms. Karitsiotis has been assisting directly with community policing initiatives for over the past 12 years, and is a Certified Trauma Educator focusing on Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and other Occupational Stress Injuries, having trained numerous members of law enforcement, school boards, hospitals and victim service providers. She is also trained and certified in Early Field Traumatology as well as Critical Incident and Stress Management, and is a Peer Member on the CISM team. Through her involvement in community mobilization, Ms. Karitsiotis has focused on human trafficking training for law enforcement, schools and other government agencies. 
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Working to End Modern Day Slavery

Many people think of slavery as a thing of the past; however it shows its ugly face in the form of human trafficking, also referred to as “modern day slavery”. Human trafficking be definition means to recruit or transport someone (the act) by forcing them, using fraud or coercion (the means) for the purpose of sex acts or labor services (the purpose). Often confused with human smuggling which is a business transaction between all parties, human trafficking is alive and well in the City of Cornwall and the three United Counties and is an on-going issue for law enforcement and other community agencies.  
Now is the time to learn more what we can do to recognize and help prevent this "Modern Day Slavery".
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Last Call for Customized Stones!

The Rotary Outdoor Workout Park has been open and in use for almost two years. Hundreds of community members have enjoyed this free 24/7 facility with its assortment of equipment and many personalized custom stones.  The time has now come for the last call to purchase a customized stone and have it installed. Orders will be received until September 1, 2018.  For more details and to download the order form visit the Information pages and Download section on left side of this home page. 
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Amazing Rotary Rally

The Amazing Rotary Rally is a FUNdraiser for everyone who loves a scavenger hunt, photography, trivia, a car rally, or all of the above. On August 18, 2018, starting at noon, teams will register and be given a list of challenges to complete before the clock strikes four.
No car? No problem! Teams can get around on foot, on a bicycle, or in a car (scooters and skateboards work too). Each challenge has a different point value, so teams can choose between high volume and high value activities. Strategy is the name of the game!
Registration and challenge packages will be available the day of, from 12:00 noon at the Canadian Mental Health Association parking lot, 329 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON K6J 3R1. Challenge activities start at 1:00 pm and end by 4:00 pm. Teams are encouraged to select a theme and dress accordingly. Prizes and snacks follow!
This event is to benefit local projects dealing with mental health, homelessness and human trafficking.
More details at 
$40 team of 4 or $25 team of 2 online - preregister teams of 2-4 people.  at
For further information contact:-  Peter Labelle   or
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Help Us Fund Karla's Education

We  are raising funds for the education of a former Rotary exchange student from Venezuela. Karla was our Rotary exchange student in 2015. After a year as a grade 12 student at CCVS High School in Cornwall Ontario she returned to Venezuela to pursue post-secondary education there.   https://www.gof         or 
Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise Foundation, PO Box 565, Cornwall, ON  K6H 5T2

Due to the crisis in Venezuela, Karla has been unable to continue her post-secondary education. She  has applied and been accepted in the 3 year Social Service Worker program at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario. Funds are being raised to support her 3 years of study as an international student in Canada.

                    $15,300 tuition /year
                    $400-800 / year Average Expenses for Books
                                     = $48,300 + lodging

She is no longer able to pursue her studies at home because Venezuela's economic crisis keeps getting worse. The slow-burning economic collapse is quickly becoming a regional humanitarian crisis as Venezuelans flee in ever larger numbers, looking for refuge in neighboring and nearby countries. More than 600,000 Venezuelans have already fled their country and sought asylum in Colombia.

A large number of students have  been forced to drop out of universities around the country. The economic crisis has forced both university students and professors to either search for jobs elsewhere or simply leave the country. The dramatic fall in the real wages of faculty has caused an estimated 1,600 professors to leave the five main public universities resulting in a desertion rate close to 70 percent. The rectors of UNIMET and UCAB, claim that the Venezuelan State “has deliberately manipulated norms, policies and practices in order to suppress academic freedom and university autonomy". These protests and violence put students at risk. 
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Adventures in the Environment 2018

This year the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise will once again be hosting Adventures in the Environment from Sunday Sept 16th to Thursday Sept 20th, 2018.
Participants should arrive in Cornwall on Sunday Sept 16th; the adventure starts on Monday morning Sept 17 and ends at 4:00 pm on Thursday Sept 20.  This adventure consists of 4 full days of environmental science and field biology.
Our capacity is 8 participants; the fee this year is $550; and we promise an eye-opening experience which involves fish biology, turtles, bees, eels, water plants, bats and probably more that a few unexpected elements of science.  
Students must be 16 years of age and have completed at least two years of high school science.
Deadline for application is June 30th.
For further details please go to the left hand side of our webpage for forms and details. 
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St Lawrence Secondary School Hosts OFSSA

All good wishes to our hometown favourites!!

We are pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming Ontario boys' basketball championship .. OFSSA .... being hosted by St. Lawrence Secondary School - UCDSB from March 4 -7. Today's speakers were Jamie Carr and collegues who explained some of the details involved in hosting this presigious event... let's support our boys' team as competitors in next month's tournament!!.

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Container #2 ......On Its Way

On January 22nd, members of the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise, assisted by members of the Rotary Club of Gananoque loaded a 40' container with hospital equipment. This equipment came from the abandoned St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and has been stored by Capital Moving, Kingston, since it was moved out of the hospital. Queen’s University now owns the former St. Mary’s Hospital site and Providence Care’s replacement facility is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to equipment from the hospital, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise received a number of donations of equipment and medical supplies including physiotherapy equipment from the Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in Cornwall.
This was the second container of equipment to be shipped to assist deprived rural hospitals and medical clinics in Ghana. The first container was shipped in October. In each case, the container was purchased and will remain in Ghana to be converted to a rural medical clinic.
The out-moded manually cranked beds are ideal in a country where the supply of electricity is unreliable. In addition to beds, considerable other equipment such as examination tables, wheelchairs, walkers, IV tubing, wound care supplies, etc. were also included. Special thanks goes to the Rotary Clubs of Kingston, Petawawa, West Ottawa, Gananaque, Cataraqui-Kingston, Chesterville, Massena and Montreal-Westward  and others for helping to facilitate and fund these containers bound for Ghana. This is truly an example of Rotary at work doing what we can to improve healthcare around the world!.
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Appreciation for Sebastian's Amazing Run

The final meeting of 2017…. And, a wonderful meeting it was!  Sebastian Warner spoke about the Bromont Ultra, a very tough 100 mile charity footrace that was held in October, and some of the things that motivated him.  For this elite athlete, the race over rough terrain was a challenge that called up plenty of determination and stamina. It also reinforced his will to focus on the pledge made to support the work of friends in Ghana and Canada.
As a humanitarian, Sebastian chose to support the work of the Rotary Clubs of Cornwall Sunrise and Sunyani Central in partnership with BUVA (Buruli Ulcer Victims Aid) because he has first-hand knowledge of the identification, education and treatment work being done in rural Ghana.  As a university student, he had spent some time in Ghana with a Ghanaian classmate and when his university friend married, Sebastian was groomsman. The visit provided an opportunity for a side trip to meet Emmanuel Agumah (president of BUVA) and experience first-hand the work being done in deprieved rural areas to educate communities to identify and treat Buruli ulcer and other neglected tropical skin diseases. 

The $1100 generated by Sebastian’s run helps to support the continuing work to improve health-care education and treatment for hundreds who would be otherwise neglected.  
Cheque Presentation
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Trivia Night 2017

The 16th annual trivia night fundraiser, under the direction of our own Stefan Kolbinger as Master of Ceremonies for the evening, enjoyed the momentum of a lively sell-out crowd that moved merrily through question categories. In the spirit of Canada 150, Quiz Master Bob Firth had developed questions based on our country and its history thus giving trivia players an opportunity to test their knowledge on everything Canadian from people and places to food and photography.
Additional highlights of the evening included 
  • presentation of  a cheque in the amount of $10,000.00 by our President, Tom Everson, to Amy Gillespie, of the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation.  These funds are being directed toward the new Community Addiction and Mental Health Services facility at the Cornwall Community Hospital
  • president-elect Martin Nadon presented a cheque in the amount of $2,500.00 to the Aultsville Theatre group to help upgrade the sound and lighting systems at the theatre
  • Sunrise Rotarian Katelyn Beaudette donated her lengthy hair to Angel Hair for Kids, a nonprofit organisation that creates wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness. The hair was cut during the event by Cornwall hair stylist Angie Fontaine. Ms. Beaudette raised funds prior to and during this event in excess of $550.00 that will go toward sponsoring a wig for a child. 

    L to R
    Christie Hollingsworth, Development Coordinator, Events, Communications and Fundraisers
    Tom Everson, President, Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise
    Amy Gillespie, Executive Director, Cornwall Hospital Foundation


    Shown L to R.
    Janet Martel, Manager, Aultsville Theatre
    Krystle Mitrow, Vice President and Treasurer, Aultsville Theatre
    Felicity Svenson, President & CGO, Aultsville Theatre
    Martin Nadon, President-elect, Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise


    Angie Fontaine making the cut on Katelyn Beaudette's tresses
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Back to School Partnership

Another successful Staples Back-to-School program partnership year concluded with the distribution of gift cards representing the $3000 generated by this program to benefit the educational needs of young people in the Cornwall-Akwesasne area. Some changes to the program led to the program targeting a somewhat different some different groups this year. This year the program organizers took into account local not-for-profit organizations that benefit youth as well as continuing to provide some ongoing support by providing school supplies to schools serving Akwesasne students.  All of the supplies made available through this program directly benefit students by providing educational materials that parents normally help students acquire.
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'Mums for Thanksgiving - a Thoughtful Gift!

Posted on Aug 29, 2017
Surprise someone with a gift of Thanksgiving 'Mums!!
Our MUM's for Thanksgiving campaign is underway and you can send a pot of mums to show you care. We will personally deliver your plant during the last week of September. We are happy that we continue to be able to provide these lovely plants at the same cost as in previous years .... $15.00 each.
Proceeds from this annual fundraiser go towards supporting local organizations such as the Boys' and Girls' Club, the Children's Christmas Fund, Cornwall Comfort Quilts, Cornwall Hospice, the Cornwall Community Hospital, Mental Health and Seniors' Day Away to name a few.
For more information, check out the download files and site page link on the left hand side of our home page.  Contact any member of the club, leave a private message on Facebook today or email  to place your order.
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Thank You for Volunteering

One week ago the Williamstown Fair opened and members and friends of Rotary we there to assist as parking attendants for the duration of the fair. Being a part of this great Glengarry tradition is always a fun and enjoyable experience. The help of our members as well as friends and family was much appreciated again this year. At times a couple of downpours made the  parking was a bit of a challenge for everyone to keep things running smoothly but good humour and smiles prevailed and we hope everyone enjoyed the fair.
A huge Rotary Thank You to all of our partners Rotary Club of Cornwall D7040, CanadaRotaract Club of Cornwall - SDG&AD7040 Rotary Passport ClubCornwall Rowing Club for the extra help and smiles at Williamstown Fair.  
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A New Year Begins!

June 28th saw the changing of the guard in preparation for the offical change of officers on July 1st. The actual changeover will is a two part affair this year.  President Christopher Bookhout passed the gavel and ceremonial gown of office to incoming president Tom Everson. 2017-18 District Governor Susan Bellor from Massena, NY was on hand to outline her plans for the coming year and to assist in recognizing two of our members as multiple Paul Harris Fellows. 
The second part of our changeover will take place on July 5th and see the remaing officers installed and  Past President Chris will review the activities and accomplishments of 2016-17. 
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Paul Harris Night 2017

On Monday, April 24, 2017, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise and the Rotary Club of Cornwall held their annual Paul Harris Dinner and Awards ceremony at which several individuals from Cornwall and area were recognized for their contributions to the community through community service and the support which they bring to the Rotary Clubs of the city. The Paul Harris Fellowships are presented annually by the local Rotary clubs in recognition of the contributions the honorees have made to Rotary and to their community - whether that community is local or international.  The recipients of the Paul Harris Fellowship have been generous with their time, their energy and their financial contributions and are deserving of this prestigious recognition.
Recipients of Paul Harris Fellowships for 2017 from the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise were Christine Marceau who has been extremely active in supporting a wide assortment of club activities and whose leadership, insight and wisdom are essential elements in the club.  Martin Nadon was recognized for his leadership and dedication to the establishment of a thriving Rotaract Club at St. Lawrence College and has also contributed  a great deal to the activities of the club. As a coach, John Flannigan has contributed greatly to the development of youth in Cornwall.
Earlier this year, Emmanuel Agumah  of Kumasi, Ghana, was recognized for his contributions and leadership in education and treatment of Buruli ulcer (a flesh-eating tropical disease) and other neglected tropical diseases.

The Recipients


Christine Marceau,  presented by Sharon Miller


Martin Nadon, presented by Terry Brouillet


John Flannigan, presented by Gilles Renaud



Emmanuel Agumah, presentation by Peter Labelle

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Amazing Rotary Rally - Postponed to June 3 2017-03-31 04:00:00Z 0

Supporting Literacy in SD&G

Carolyn brought us up to date about the really good work being done in our community by the Tri County Literacy Council, a non-profit community based agency. Volunteers play an important part in program delivery which  serves citizens of all ages and all levels of formal education and informal education. Following interviews and assessments, a wide variety of literacy-related individual needs and aspirations are addressed by methods that range from one-on-one tutoring, homework and study skills, English as a second language, to programs that address the ever changing need for skills that enhance one's readiness for the workplace.  
We are especially proud to have supported the Tri-County Literacy Council in several ways. Most recently, we helped promote their work by providing the digital sign that lets a large number of their clients know what programs are being offered. As well, pictoral dictionaries have been provided, these are particularly helpful to adults who are learning English as a second language.  Visit Tri-County Literacy at 
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Hearing About the Experiences of Our Adventurers

We sponsored Joshua Wilson to attend the Adventures in Hi Tech program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata. This is an outstanding opportunity for high school seniors interested in a career in technology to have a close look at some real businesses and programs. Thanks for sharing this most interesting experience, Joshua.

Earlier this year we sponsored Liam Labelle to attend the Adventures in History sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston. As Liam recounted for us, it was a fascinating look at the history of Kingston ranging from the home of Canada's first prime minister to the penitentiary and the evolution of the treatment of delinquent juveniles. The theme of this conference was criminal law with emphasis on youth justice and how youth have been treated under various legislation since Confederation. Liam was able to listen to various speakers, including the Honorable Peter Milliken who was the former speaker of the House of Commons. Mr. Milliken spoke to the delegates about the legislative process and the various phases of law making in Canada. Liam toured the Kingston Police Station, the Kingston Penitentiary and concluded this conference by speaking to a group at the Kingston City Hall Council Chambers. Liam thoroughly enjoyed this conference and suggests that it be somewhat longer as he felt constrained by time. Great program and super presentation. More details at n-history-2016 )  

Image may contain: 1 person
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Holiday Season

At this time of year, thoughts turn to sharing with the members of our community.We've already had some really cold days, as low as -25C one morning.  We're happy to have supported Project Warmth here in Cornwall with a donation to help supply window coverings that will reduce the amount of cold air drafty windows let into some homes. We're also delighted tp have again supported and participated in the Children's Christmas Basket program. Special thanks to the members of our sister club, the Cornwall Probus Club, for again helping to supply cereal  
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Dictionaries 4 Life

Dictionaries 4 Life is a program that provides grade 3 children with a beautiful illustrated dictionary of their very own. Staff at Bridgewood Elementary School were delighted to see smiles of delight on the children's faces as they examined their new book.​​​​​​
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The Amazing 2016 Trivia Night

Trivia Night 2016 was great evening that abounded with lots of laughs and challenging trivia! Fantastic Silent Auction. SPECIAL THANKS to all our sponsors and participants; you are what makes Trivia Night a success. Can't wait for next year!!
On the competitive side, The Secret Chords were the big winners followed by the Guess Goods. The most interesting costumes were worn by The Mad Hatters. Many different teams claimed category prizes for the incredible amount of information they were able to draw from the team's collected bank of trivia.
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Trivia Night 2017

Last year's champions are back and ready for the challenge!!
Trivia Night is always a fun filled evening that brings out a sellout crowd from our community!
Participants share in an evening of fun and frivolity with lots of never before heard of trivia to challenge the brain. Rotary information for our non-Rotarian friends is generously added to the mix to focus so they could understand how fundraising dollars can help both at home and abroad whether it's helping our youth, our community or eradicating polio! 
This year's event is Friday, November 17 with doors open at 6:00 pm; the venue is the Best Western Parkway Inn.
To register visit the Download menu (at left) for registration form and instructions.
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First Home Appearance of Cornwall Nationals 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0

Trivia Night 2016

Trivia Night is always a fun filled evening that brings out a sellout crowd from our community!
Participants share in an evening of fun and frivolity with lots of never before heard of trivia to challenge the brain. Rotary information for our non-Rotarian friends is generously added to the mix to focus so they could understand how fundraising dollars can help both at home and abroad whether it's helping our youth, our community or eradicating polio! 
This year's event is Friday, November 18 with doors open at 6:00 pm; the venue is the Best Western Parkway Inn.
To register visit the Download menu (at left) for registration form and instructions.
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A Gift to the People of Cornwall & Area

Looking forward to His Worship Leslie O'Shaughnessy cutting the ribbon and accepting the Rotary Outdoor Gym as a gift to the people of the community on Thursday, September 22 @ 5:30pm in Lamoureux Park.. Come out and be part of the celebration!
The Outdoor Gym is already in use it's time to check out some of the equipment ...demonstrations of the techniques for using the equipment are planned as part of the celebration when this amazing facility will be presented to His Worship the Mayor for local citizens to use.
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Adventures in the Environment 2017 2016-06-03 04:00:00Z 0
Adventures in the Environment 2016 2016-06-03 00:00:00Z 0

Soles 4 Souls

Here's an opportunity to help the SLC Rotaractors help others! 
The St Lawrence College (Cornwall) Rotaract Club has undertaken the collection of new or gently used shoes in partnership with Soles 4 Souls, a not-for-profit organization that was founded as a disaster relief organization.

The Rotaract members will have their boxes to receive shoes at Rotary's District Training Assembly this Saturday at the NavCentre, Cornwall.
Boxes to receive shoes are strategically placed throughout the community
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Visit Cornwall Home & Leisure Show

April 1-3 is the ideal time to make arrangements for a brick at the Rotary Outdoor Workout Park. Sample bricks are on display at the RayJans
booth where a Rotarian will be happy to provide details about this addition to the facilities in Lamoureux Park. Visit the site page for details and download the information brochure (at left)
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Service Club Council Dinner

Posted on Feb 17, 2016
Service Club Council annual dinner at the Legion with a great representation of volunteers from the various service organizations in Cornwall area. Our Rotary members of Cornwall Sunrise were extremely pleased to be announced as the 2015 winners of the Blood Donor Challenge trophy ..... more than 160 units donated at the June clinic we sponsored. Club president Stefan received the award from our regional Blood Services coordinator on behalf of the club.
Bill Gosewitz, a past governor of Kiwanis, spoke of the power of Paying It Forward. Coincidentally, our president Stefan was able to put the message into action as he won the draw and donated it to the new Cornwall Mental Health facility that all local service clubs are supporting.
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Karla - Our Exchange Student

Karla recently attended an orientation for the Rotary District 7040 students who will be going abroad for the coming Rotary year. Here she proudly displays the flag of her country, Venezuela and some of the memorabilia she brought with her. Her role was to help prepare the new group for their experience as exchange students and ambassadors for their country as they learn new languages and customs. 

Karla - Our Exchange Student 2016-01-24 00:00:00Z 0

River Kings Hockey - January 23

Always plenty of action at the River Kings Hockey games both on-ice and off the ice surface!! Besides exciting hockey, there's Chuck-a-Puck; 138 Tire Roll; Shoot to Win a trip and the 50/50 we manage.   ​The great search is on to find a name the River Kings' Mascot. 
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Sod Turning for the Rotary Outdoor Workout Park

The Rotary Clubs of Cornwall and Cornwall Sunrise invite you to attend the sod turning ceremony for the new Rotary Outdoor Workout Park to be installed in Lamoureux Park between the splash pad and the Wood House Museum. The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, December 8th at 3:00 pm.
Considerable planning has gone into making sure that this outdoor gym will provide a site and workout equipment to meet the needs of citizens with a wide range of abilities and ages. The use of the equipment at this facility will be free to everyone and accessible at all hours; the equipment itself has been selected for durability and user friendliness.
While both Rotary Clubs have made substantial financial commitments to this endeavour, the support of a number of Cornwall and area businesses is extremely important and appreciated as this project moves toward reality. The site will include an area featuring stones of various sizes; these stones, which can be engraved, are available to individuals and corporate sponsors who make a donation to help defray the cost of making this facility a very attractive addition to Cornwall’s waterfront park.
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Rotarian Peter Labelle & Liam in Ghana

Rotarian Peter Labelle and his son Liam left for Ghana in mid-October to renew friendships and partnerships. This trip has involved visits in Sekyere Afram Planes where our partner BUVA Foundation has been educating the members of the various communities about Buruli ulcer, yaws, leprosy and general hygiene. Rotarian Emmanuel Agumah, himself a Buruli ulcer survivor, is the president and driving force behind the BUVA Foundation and Peter Labelle is a health care professional. Caught early, Buruli ulcer is quite easily treated with a course of oral antibiotics, however, if it is not treated early, it can become extremely serious as well as expensive to treat because of the skin grafts, hospital care and family time away from earning a livelihood. Most frequent victims of Buruli ulcer are children under age fifteen, however, anyone can become affected by this non-contagious disease.
Our program involves training healthcare workers and local volunteers as well as working with members of Ghana Health Services. The BUVA team conduct a training session for the farmers after they return from the fields. The following morning all school children a screened for Buruli ulcer, yaws, ringworm, leprosy, etc.  As cases are identified, they are treated or directed to the appropriate place for treatment depending upon the condition. Although the initial mandate of this project centred upon Buruli ulcer, the team of health care workers have recognized the need for other services that can be provided at very little addition cost in time or money. We have added Yaws to our mandate at the request of the World Health Organization because once it’s identified, Yaws treatment involves a single injection that saves a person from a seriously debilitating condition.
Sekyere Afram Planes is a remote and largely rural area where Buruli ulcer is endemic; the education and screening program was been put in place to address the situation. Districts with similar economic conditions have been targeted for similar education and screening programs. Because all of these areas are remote and difficult to access it is a contributing factor for the assortment of untreated conditions. Along with the new areas, periodic follow-up visits will be made to reinforce the training that has already been done in Sekyere Afram Planes
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Rotaract Club of SLC - Cornwall Community Organization


Rotary, SLC give polio the (pinky) finger
CORNWALL, Ontario - The Rotaract Club of St. Lawrence College and the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise joined forces in recognition of World Polio Day at the Cornwall campus on Friday.

Photo and Story - Adam Brazeau, Cornwall Seaway News, October 23, 2015
Pictured from left Stefano Delacosta, Madelaine Roy and Sharon Miller
The local volunteer-driven non-profits collected $1 donations in Moulinette Hall with one twist - the donors left with a purple pinky.
"Almost every young person we asked donated," said Sharon Miller, Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise member. "For one dollar, you can help fund polio vaccinations overseas."
Miller had a helping hand from CCVS Grade 12 student Madeline Roy, a former youth exchange student with the club, and Stefano Delacosta, SLC student and owner-operator of Perfect Pairings.
"We have 1,200 students and 200 faculty - so we can reach people quick," said Delacosta.
In addition to raising awareness, the trio collected a few hundred dollars for the following initiatives and Each dollar is being matched two to one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and will therefore pay for three children to be immunized.
Infants and children who have been immunized against polio are marked by dipping their little finger in a medically sanctioned purple dye, hence, the name 'Purple Pinkie' event.
Thumbs up to Provisional Rotaract Club based at St. Lawrence College, Cornwall. They are doing some interesting and amazing things. Of special note is their Purple Pinkie event on World Polio Day, October 23 ..... celebrating that we are so close to wiping polio from the face of the earth and raising funds for the final push.
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What A Busy and Exciting Summer This Has Been!!

Summer 2015 has been a busy time for all Cornwall Sunrise Rotarians, their families and their friends! The activities have varied from helping to park cars (and trucks) at Williamstown Fair and our follow-up ribfest hosted by Tom and Virginia, to helping to gather books for the Staples' Back-to-School campaign, preparing for the arrival of our Exchange Student from Venezuela and the arrival of the participants in our annual Adventures in the Environment for budding environmental scientists. Of course, too, there has been the effort to keep the construction of the Outdoor Workout Park moving forward. (Photo album "Summer 2015" for photos of these and related activities)
The greatest highlight of the summer activities was the visit of ten Salvadorians from the Rotary Clubs of San Salvador Noroeste and San Salvador Cuscatlan in El Salvador. We have partnered for many years on humanitarian projects with these two Rotary Clubs and it was wonderful to host them in Canada and extend some Canadian hospitality. Individual Rotary families provided home hosting for our guests and all Rotarians from the Cornwall area were invited to enjoy the great hospitality of Victor and Kathy Mayeron for an informal "Welcome" supper and a potluck supper and pig roast beside the beautiful St. Lawrence at Point's Wharf. (Additional photos "2015 Visit of Salvadorian Rotarians") 
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New Rotary Year Begins


 Welcome to a new Rotary year! Incoming president Stefan Kolbinger recognized the great leadership of outgoing president Scott Sayers and welcomed the new Rotary year  and our members with enthusiasm.  A highlight in 2015-16 and beyond will be the opportunities and challenges that will come as part of being selected as a pilot club by Rotary International to introduce innovative and flexible ways to our meetings and activities. 
The annual Change-over and social took place a week earlier with some bittersweet events:- farewell to exchange student Kaan Gun but welcome to his parents; farewell to our youngest member, Landon, who is moving on to other things and of course the changing of the guard as a new board moves into place. 


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Our 2nd Annual Amazing Rotary Rally


A heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all our participants and sponsors.Without this great support from all of you, it would have been impossible for this event to be the great success it was. Let's remember, too, that while the various team members were having fun, programs in our community are really the greatest beneficiaries.

The teams performed some amazing activities as they checked out some of our much appreciated sponsors and community attractions.

Last year's winners retained their title, too!!


Our 2nd Annual Amazing Rotary Rally 2015-06-12 04:00:00Z 0
Amazing Rotary Rally 2015-05-26 00:00:00Z 0

International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2015

International Plowing Match and Rural Expo chairman, Jim Brownell, shared insights about the history and features of this great event that is coming to Finch in Stormont County from September 22 -26 this year. This will be a great time to see what's new in agriculture and of course,to see the work some of the local high school students have been doing to restore a vintage tractor or two, or, to watch plowing being done the old-fashioned way using horses and oxen!. 
We learned that the art of plowing is a highly skilled activity and along with the other featured attractions for all ages, this Rural Expo event has a very significant economic impact for the host area!   Already, accommodation is becoming somewhat limited as the influx of visitors .... exhibitors,plowmen, tourists and many people who attend annually to visit with friends from across the province and beyond.
The assistance of volunteers is in great demand as it takes thousands to make this regional showcase a success. Landon, our own young Rotarian-in-waiting was quick to offer assistance and bring thanks to our speaker!
International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2015 2015-05-24 00:00:00Z 0

Amazing Rotary Rally 2015

Last year the participants had so much fun that we decided to make this year's event bigger and better... here are the details and some of the pics from last year!
What?  The Second Annual Amazing Rotary Rally will take place on Saturday June 13 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Registration will start at 9:00 am or pre-register at
Who?:  The teams are to be made up of 4 individuals who will be given a list of things to find, information to cull, and objects to collect over the course of 6 hours.  Economy of time and imagination are the keys!  The registration fee is $100 or $25 per person for a team of 4.
Where?:  Teams will meet at the Agora Centre (formerly Nativity Hall) 301 McConnell Avenue
Why?: This is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise with proceeds going to CMHA Mental Health Promotion’s local health initiatives and local Rotary projects such as the Outdoor Workout Park in Lamoureux Park; and for international projects such as the Education and Identification of Buruli Ulcer in Ghana, West Africa as well as water projects in El Salvador in Central America.  The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise also makes contributions to a number of worthy local charities in support of their programs.
For further information please contact Chris Bookhout at or  613-363-3204 OR Peter Labelle at 613-933-5845.
The Defending Champions with the co-chairs of the event organizing committee
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Cornwall's Curious Chefs

The Curious Chefs have just completed their course at the Agape Centre under the direction of Margaret Malyon. They prepared lots of good food and their enthusiasm was tremendous, On top of that, these young people acquired food related skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime.... this was a win-win project for everyone involved.




Some of the delicious food prepared and the graduation ceremony
Cornwall's Curious Chefs 2015-05-23 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Night 2015

Paul Harris Night 2015 was an opportunity for the Rotary Clubs of Cornwall and Cornwall Sunrise to honour members of our community for their contributions to our community and beyond. We thank all of them for what they do to make the world a better place. The honourees were Dr. Agatha Forson for her ongoing support of projects we have undertaken in Ghana; Bob Firth, our Trivia Night Wizard and his wife Louise Lanctot who has been active in our community as well as having served as the president of our club.Thank you all, for what you have done and continue to do to make our world a better place!
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A Visit with the Owner of the River Kings

Now that the 2014-15 Hockey season is over for the Cornwall River Kings there has been an opportunity to become better acquainted with owner Steve Moreau who spoke to us recently, We gained some insights into his philosophy and goals for the future as the team's owner; we look forward to continuing our partnership with his organization. The River Kings provided an exciting playoff series for its fans and the team has all the ear-marks of an organization with a bright future as it moves forward under the current ownership. Go, Kings, Go!!.
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The Hunger Project established in 1977

Brian Hull, an economist and retired chairman of The Hunger Project, spoke passionately of the importance of grassroots communication and the involvement of beneficiaries, especially women, as the key to the alleviation of world hunger. As one of the founding volunteers in Canada, he has been active for over 35 years in all aspects of The Hunger Project's activities both in Canada and globally. The mission of the Hunger Project which is to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world. By placing emphasis on sustainable management practices coming from the grassroots, especially through empowering women would go along way to ending deaths caused by both visible and invisible hunger. Visit The Hunger Foundation at!the-hunger-project-difference/cea



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Help Us Make the Outdoor Workout Park a Reality! 2015-04-11 00:00:00Z 0
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Outdoor Workout Park Project

Spring is just around the corner and what better time to think about working out in the fresh air and sunshine? Imagine a gym area where there is no membership fee and it is available 24/7! We are excited that the Rotary Clubs of Cornwall Sunrise and Cornwall have joined in a partnership with the City of Cornwall to make this a reality. The Rotary Outdoor Workout Park will provide all of this in Lamoureux Park at a location close to the bike path and with a great view of the river.
Project co-chair Sebastian Warner was checking out the site just before the snow melts!. Photo courtesy of Cornwall Standard Freeholder
Donations to this great community initiative will be welcomed by or at Warner Insurance, 215 Sydney St, Cornwall, ON K6H 3H3. 
A download of our brochure is available on the left side of this page.
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Cornwall Sea Lions - Cornwall's Competitive Swimmers

We were honoured to learn more about the Cornwall Sea Lions ..... Cornwall's amazing competitive swimmers' club. Head Coach Clayton Delaney, Club president Pam McAlear and Swimmer Sadie McAlear of the Cornwall Sea Lions provided a comprehensive outline of the vision and philosophy of the club which strives to create a happy environment in which members strive for excellence with the support of the community made up of parents, business and partnerships within the community. 
The hard work and lots of self discipline are paying off with great results!  Training for the 87 swimmers begins in mid-September and continues for 45 - 47 weeks ending in mid-July.  Club members are divided into three groups ... Sea Pups; Youth; Junior + Senior with sub-groupings at each level with the most highly competitive swimmers training a minimum of 14 -15 hours each week. 
Congratulations Sea Lions .... we're proud of you and your accomplishments!.
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Watch the New Sign at Tri-County Literacy

Have you noticed?  The Tri-County Literacy Council have a new sign at the corner of Second Street West and Augustus Street. The sign is larger and brighter than their former sign and it will allow them to promote the wide variety of programs and opportunities they offer for members of our community.
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Thank you River Kings!

 This has been an interesting season for the Cornwall River Kings who have worked hard and earned the ongoing support of loyal fans. We have enjoyed working with their new team owner, Steve Moreau,who took over mid-season. This winter, we have enjoyed meeting many of these great fans as we manage the 50/50 at the home games.  As the season draws to its  its conclusion, we look forward to using the proceeds from this to help support community initiatives that will help to make Cornwall a better place to live.
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Cornwall Community Hospital ... Our Hospital!

We were happy to welcome Dale McSween along with Hospital Foundation Chair, Roy Perkins and  Executive Director Erin Killoran at our meeting. They brought us an update on the most recent plans and upgrades at the Cornwall Community Hospital.

There were two  major highlights, both of which will improve the quality of life for local residents, The first will mean that for those needing chemotherapy, it will be available right here at home… a saving in both time and transportation costs as well as reducing the stress caused by uncertain weather.

 The second priority will place the Cornwall Community Hospital a leadership position in the way they address the national challenge of integrating addictions and
mental health services from multiple sites into one location. It will also integrate these services across the age spectrum from children to seniors, all under one roof.
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Service Club Council Bonspiel

All of the curlers representing our Rotary club had a great time at the annual Service Club Council Bonspiel which is held each January. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce our newer members and exchange students to the roaring game! This year they were particularly excited  to bring home the top trophy!  Exchange student Kaan receives his curling award from skip Martin.
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Rotary's Hunger Awareness Day - January 24


The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is pleased to announce that it will be supporting the ‘Curious Chefs’ program in cooperation with the Agape Centre. This program is designed to teach young children about nutrition, cooking nutritious meals and food preparation skills. The children are under the tutelage of Margaret Malyon, a local teacher, and are introduced to basic cooking skills while learning about healthy foods that are new to them. The program was started last summer and was so successful that it is being extended as a way to help more children develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Each child receives a small cooking kit which includes kitchen tools to help them get started on the path to a healthy diet which can serve them 

for the rest of their lives. We are pleased to support this venture with a cheque for $4,000 presented to Alyssa Blais by Rotarian Martin Bray.





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Thank You, Cornwall Nissan!

Stephen Eastman, Sales Manager, Cornwall Nissan presenting our past president, Larry Gaunce, with a cheque towards the purchase of 100 boxes of cereal for the Children’s Christmas Fund. The support received from Cornwall Nissan is extremely important. 

The Children's Christmas Fund is a major community project undertaken and organized annually by our local Service Club Council... we are proud to help out and appreciate the help of community members and businesses like Cornwall Nissan!
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Early Christmas Luncheon at Agape Centre

Christmas dinner came early for the clients of the Agape soup kitchen Sunday luncheon. Rotarian Diane and her team completed the two day undertaking of roasting turkeys and preparing the vegetables along with a special.dessert so that they could provide this special seasonal dinner.
Early Christmas Luncheon at Agape Centre 2014-12-17 00:00:00Z 0

Cereal Drive (Children's Christmas Fund)

Again this year the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise and a number of Friends of Rotary have been actively assisting the Rotary Club of Cornwall to reach the 2500 boxes of cereal pledged to the Children's Christmas Fund.  Our Club has purchased 200 large family size boxes and we are grateful that Gabbie of Cornwall Nissan has added another 100 boxes. All contributions of cereal and other food items will be delivered to the Cornwall Armories in time for the annual distribution which takes place on Thursday, December 18. 
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Back-to-School 2014 Finale

We enjoyed a fine day delivering Staples Back-to-School gift cards to some schools and educational programs in the area. The gift cards will be used for student school supplies and are the result of almost $3000 raised as a result of the support our community gave to the partnership between our Rotary club and Staples (Cornwall). Beneficiaries included schools in Cornwall's downtown core, Akwesasne and the Beyond 21 program.
Beyond 21 is a local, community based, innovative program that offers a structured, meaningful environment for young adults over the age of 21 who have developmental disabilities. This program makes use of volunteers as well as a professional team to help meet the needs of the participants. An objective is to  providing opportunities for the participants to utilize assistive technology, including the internet, as an integral part of their daily learning. There is also a focus on opportunities in life skills, independent living and community volunteer placements.
For more pictures, please visit the photo album.  
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Staples Back-to-School 2014

The results are in for the 2014 Staples Back-to-School campaign for which the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is a partner. The generosity of shoppers at Staples (Cornwall) has been remarkable; they purchased books during the used book sale, donated school supplies and/or cash This has meant that just over $2279 was raised as well as a generous quantity of basic school supplies to assist students in the our area. The school supplies have been donated to the Agape Centre for distribution and the funds raised through donations are being given to schools to help ensure all children in our community have the basic supplies they require.

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Anyone who likes fun and good company will enjoy our annual TRIVIA NIGHT where encountering 10 spectacular categories of amazing trivia allows one to divulge never before exposed bits and pieces of trivia! This exciting event takes place on November 14th at the Best Western Parkway Inn, Cornwall; doors open at 6:00pm.
The Silent Auction is a great place to find all sorts of gifts to help out with seasonal shopping needs, too!!
The cost to participate is $120 per team consisting of a maximum of 8 people.
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End Polio Now


‪‎Rotary‬ has contributed more than US$1.3 billion and committed countless volunteer hours to fight polio.

Join us on World Polio Day, 24 October, via Livestream at to learn why polio exists and how we can end it.

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Irish Memorial

Posted on Oct 19, 2014
The Irish Memorial of Cornwall which commemorates the period of June - Ocbober 1847 when 52 Irish immigrants died in Cornwall having arrived at the temporary hospital suffering from typhoid, was dedicated on Saturday, October 18th, the 167th anniversary of the date the hospital closed.
The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is a proud supporter of this project which was developed the Irish Memorial Committee, a subcommittee of the S.D.G. Historical Society.  
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Thank You for Your Support

Posted on Oct 12, 2014
Our members extend a sincere "Thank You!" to everyone who supported our 2014 'Mums for Thanksgiving campaign.
 It is because of the support we receive from our community that we are able to give back to it. This project was started in 1989 toward the end of the year following the chartering of the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise. Among the Club's first projects were annual contributions to palliative care at both hospitals (when we had two) and a day-away event for seniors which is still an annual event. 
As times changed, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise contributed $50,000 to CareFor to help establish a hospice in Cornwall and $50,000 to the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation.
Some of the other community projects that have benefited:-
The Aquatic Centre        $50,000 
Children's Playground Equipment at Lamoureux Park      $40,000
Boys and Girls Club (start-up funds)       $25,000
Benson Centre  (3 + 1 arena complex)    $50,000
Cornwall Community Hospital (MRI campaign)    $10,000
Both the Children's Christmas Fund and Agape receive ongoing support as do a number of other local charities and organizations.  
Over the years, the Agape Centre has benefited monthly through the preparation and serving of a monthly Agape luncheon by Rotarians as well as the contribution of funds for the snowsuit fund and equipment upgrades. Over the years our Club has been proud to regularly support several youth programs as well as an assortment of smaller endeavours 
Internationally, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is committed to assisting in humanitarian programs such as eradicating polio; restoring eyesight through cataract surgeries; making clean water available to those who do not have access to it; supporting literacy and general maternal and child care projects and assisting in the elimination of Buruli Ulcer, a flesh-eating disease related to leprosy.
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Welcome Carol!

Posted on Oct 12, 2014
On October 2nd we were delighted to induct Carol Bennett Bray as a member. Carol has been a Friend of Rotary and helped out and participated in many of the Club's activities for several years. Her skill and knowledge as a business woman and her enthusiasm are qualities we greatly appreciate and welcome.
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Adventures in the Environment 2014

Posted on Sep 18, 2014
From Sunday Sept 14 to Thursday Sept 18, 7 students from different parts of the District took part in Adventures in the Environment, an environmental science and field biology program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise.
Assisted by the staff at the St Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Sciences, they took part in activities such as seining for fish, a visit to the eel ladder at the Saunders Dam, fish identification, fish surgery, a visit to an old growth forest and a visit to bat caves.  Through the activities, the students learned about the sensitive balances in our environment as well as some of the threats to species and the research that is being undertaken to find solutions to environmental issues.  Highlights of the week included a visit to the bat caves and learning about white nose syndrome which is decimating the population of some bat species and the discovery of a map turtle, a species which is endangered.  The BioBlitz at the end of the week rounded out the activities.  All in all a good week, with lots of fun and learning. Check out the photo album (right) to see more.
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Now's the Time for Rotary 'Mums for Thanksgiving!

Posted on Sep 18, 2014
Surprise someone! Brighten their day and wish them a happy thanksgiving! Our annual MUM's for Thanksgiving campaign is underway and you can send a pot of mums to show you care. We will personally deliver your plant during the first week of October.
Proceeds from this annual fundraiser go towards supporting local organizations such as the Boys' and Girls' Club, Agape Center, Cornwall Comfort Quilts, Cornwall Hospice and the Cornwall Community Hospital, to name a few.
For more information, check out the download files and site page link on the left hand side of our home page.  Contact any member of the club or leave a message on Facebook today to place your order.
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Our Agape Luncheon

Posted on Sep 15, 2014
On the second Sunday of each  month Rotarians from our Rotary Club meet at the  Agape  Centre to prepare a delicious meal.
This month we served a beef stew with vegetables.  Claude Legault donated two giant cabbages to serve with it…. we made them into coleslaw.  Marcelle Guay, a friend of Rotary and Terry, one of our members, had a good time chopping the cabbage and carrots and seasoning it. Although they made a big mess on the counter and floor as they cut and shredded, we really appreciated their help and the gift of the cabbages. With the 2 cabbages, there was enough coleslaw for a lovely addition to the meals for over 100 people!
We usually plan next month's meal as we wait for our clients and during the month we shop for bargains and come up with a healthy meal that we can prepare within our budget allowance.

Thank you Larry, both Dianes, Terry, Danielle and Marcelle for helping to prepare the meal and feed 105 people. We all enjoyed ourselves and our Agape clients were very appreciative. Next month we will be serving a meal on Thanksgiving weekend and we are looking for two extra volunteers to help.
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Sunday Luncheon at Agape


On the second Sunday of each month, Rotarians and their families prepare and serve a hot lunch to approximately one hundred members of our community who would otherwise be unable to enjoy such a meal. 

Meals are carefully planned to ensure good nutrition as well as variety from one month to the next and to include some of the little things associated with special days such as Easter and Mother's Day.

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September 3rd

Posted on Sep 06, 2014
September 3rd was a busy day! We welcomed our District Governor for her Official Visit; we met our inbound Exchange Student, Kaan Gun, from Turkey; honoured Terry for bringing new member Martin to Rotary and we said "so long" to Katelyn who is returning to university to continue her studies in a new area.
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Supporting Agape Snowsuit Drive 2014-09-06 00:00:00Z 0
Paul Harris Recognition 2013 2014-09-04 00:00:00Z 0

Staples Back-to-School Book Drive & Sale

Posted on Aug 30, 2014
Again this year, our Rotary club is partnering with Staples, Cornwall. The annual Staples Back-to-School fundraiser has been in full swing and on Labour Day Weekend featured a book drive and sale. This is a great way to support our community and meet people. Lots of super books were available at a very reasonable price, thanks to the generosity of everyone involved.
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Emily's Wonderful Adventure in El Salvador

Posted on Aug 26, 2014
This morning, Emily Bray regaled us with some of her adventures in El Salvador. Last month Emily   traveled to San Salvador to stay with Fausto, Lissett and Sofia Castro. During her month in         Central America she had the opportunity to visit historic Antigua, Guatemala as well as many places in El Salvador. She recounted her experiences as a first time international traveler which included some an interesting time at the Guatemalan border as she was returning to El Salvador.  Her other experiences included trying Salvadorian candies (an experience in and of itself), and being able to see a movie for $2.25.

Emily said of her trip: There are two kinds of people in the world; those who are too stupid to be scared and those who are scared but decide to go anyway. Though she was scared Emily said she was very glad she went.

We were very happy to hear her stories and look forward to hearing about her adventures in the future. Well done, Emily! Best of luck this school year!
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End Buruli Ulcer Now!

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Rotarian Peter Labelle spoke to the club about the project in Ghana that will combat the endemic disease, Buruli Ulcer. Buruli Ulcer is a flesh eating disease caused by a bacteria from the same family as leprosy and tuberculosis. Although some research is being conducted and treatment is available, for many, this condition remains shrouded in fear and superstition. Caught at it's earliest stage, treatment is relatively simple and inexpensive. 
This project is based upon early detection and treatment by educating local community leaders, teachers and health care workers who will be able to provide assistance in obtaining the proper medical care at an early date. During the first year, the project leaders will work with our partners in Ghana and will it encompass the villages in one of the Ashanti districts where the disease is endemic.  For the less fortunate for whom the disease has progressed beyond the earliest stage, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration are also components of the program.  
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Chesley's Inn - A Cornwall Treasure

Posted on Aug 13, 2014
Chesley's Inn - A Cornwall Treasure

Chesley"s Inn is a Cornwall Treasure and the oldest operating inn in Ontario! Owner Robert Prowse proudly showcased his recently opened historic inn (1814) Auberge Chesley's Inn as a  B&B at our meeting. When he purchased it, the building was in a state of serious disrepair and has undergone major renovation and restoration which now features historic era rooms. It is a popular spot for guests looking to stay downtown and enjoy the many gourmet restaurants, shopping and the beautiful walking and biking paths along the St. Lawrence River. Robert

's hard work has made this a splendid addition to Cornwall's historic and tourist attractions.


Chesley's Inn was built by Allsaints Chesley, a veteran of the War of 1812. The Inn contains original flooring and fixtures. After standing empty for three years, its owner is going to great lengths to ensure that everything matches the ambiance of the history of the building.


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Williamstown Fair Weekend

Posted on Aug 12, 2014
Sun, service, socializing and satisfaction summarizes our weekend helping to park cars (and other vehicles) at Williamstown Fair. Rotarians along with their friends and families helped to make this a major opportunity to provide hands-on assistance within our community. The weather was gorgeous and the heavy flow of traffic carried Glengarrians from distant points back home for a weekend enjoying the many attractions at the fair with family and friends. For the Rotarians directing the parking, the experience has always been interesting and rewarding.
After several hundred hours assisting with the parking, the annual get-together and ribfest at Mystic Meadows is a great way to finish off a fine weekend by enjoying  great food and relaxation.
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Cornwall's Historic Waterfront

Posted on Aug 05, 2014

Cornwall's Historic Waterfront

We were delighted to welcome local artist Pierre Giroux as our guest speaker. Pierre spoke about the interpretive plaques he is designing for a Historic Waterfront Walking Tour. The plaques feature watercolour paintings of a moment in Cornwall's history with photographs and text superimposed using photoshop
This painting shows the swing bridge ca. 1900 (before the 1908 collapse). ​
Cornwall's Historic Waterfront 2014-08-06 00:00:00Z 0

Getting Ready for Williamstown Fair!

Posted on Jul 22, 2014
Garry Atchison, Williamstown Fair director in charge of parking arrangements, visited the Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise this morning to update volunteers (Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and their family members) about the 2014 parking arrangements for the Williamstown Fair. For a number of years, the club has helped with parking cars at the fair and we look forward to continuing this partnership as everyone looks forward to another great weekend at the oldest fair in Canada (and perhaps, North America).

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Red Cross Emergency Measures

Posted on Jul 15, 2014
Rotarian Tom Wallace has been volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross for 15 years, providing emergency and disaster relief to families and individuals. He shared some of his experiences with the Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise this morning along with some interesting facts about the organization (did you know the cross in the logo is actually five squares, representing five continents?). It was wonderful to learn about some of the great things the Red Cross does. We usually only hear their work when a disaster has occurred.
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Posted on Jul 03, 2014
Neil, our shared exchange student with Rotary Club of Cornwall regales his "Life in a Year". Neil recounted some of his experiences during his year with his Canadian host families and school. He truly appreciated the opportunities to become a member of each of his host families and to share in experiences with them ranging from skiing to visiting New York City and Niagara Falls as well as many other activities. His year as a Canadian high school student was highlighted by the prom, academic successes and being named athlete of the year.
One of his host mothers reports that he  has been an absolute delight and has certainly promoted the ideals of Rotary and the long term Youth Exchange Program. He has been a credit to his family and sponsoring Rotary Club in France. We wish Neil all the best and hope he will remember us and stay in touch, and we promise to do the same! 
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Changing the Guard

Posted on Jul 02, 2014
The passing of the ceremonial gown took place at this week's meeting. Outgoing President Larry robed incoming President Scott and the new executive was sworn in. Several years ago, the ceremonial gown was a gift from our partner club, Kumasi-East in Ghana.
We are looking forward to an eventful and exciting Rotary year and give thanks to those who served on the executive this past year and to those who have agreed to serve for the coming year.
Our club remains small but mighty; we donated over $22,000 to the community for a variety of humanitarian causes and $10,000 to complete our pledge to the Benson Centre. We continue our undertaking of a project in Ghana as well as raising money to help end Polio worldwide. Once again we look forward to bringing home the ceremonial walking stick for our contributions to the Rotary Foundation Walk.
Way to go club members! Each of you are valued for the contributions you make and for the service above self you so valiantly display.
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Thanks for Your Help BMO!

Dave Tierney, Manager, BMO, Finch presents a cheque in the amount of $1200.00 to Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise, President, Larry Gaunce and Club Treasurer, Diane Legault.  The amount received supports the purchase of the monthly meal provided by the club for the weekend AGAPE Centre clients.  Dave Tierney, Larry Gaunce, Diane Legault along with other club Members, friends and volunteers purchase, prepare and serve the noon meal every second Sunday of each month at the AGAPE Centre, Cornwall
Thanks for Your Help BMO! 2014-06-20 00:00:00Z 0

The Amazing Rotary Rally

Posted on Jun 10, 2014
The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise kicked off its new fundraiser,The Amazing Rotary Rally, on Saturday, June 7th with the kind of great cooperation that made it a most successful venture. Teams for four competed for bragging rights by hitting the streets of Cornwall in search of landmarks, answers to local history questions and challenges that were recorded in photos.  The teams had 6 hours to complete their tasks and return to the Agora Centre (Nativity Hall) with their treasures, their answers and their photos. Visit our photo album on this website or 
The winning team of Justin Wheeler, Nancy Paquette, Melanie Paquette and
Russel Racine with event organizers Christopher Bookhout and Peter Labelle
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Paul Harris Night 2014

Posted on May 01, 2014
On Monday, April 28 2014, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise and the Rotary Club of Cornwall held their annual Paul Harris Dinner and Awards ceremony at which several individuals from Cornwall and area were recognized for their contributions to the community through community service and the support which they bring to the Rotary Clubs of the city.
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Adventures in the Environment

The annual Adventures in the Environment program runs from September 14 - 18, 2014. The program provides a unique opportunity for senior high school students interested in obtaining hands-on experience in environmental science. Sponsor Rotary clubs should submit their application no later than June 30.  Program details are located by clicking on the Club Activities tab.
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Amazing Rotary Rally Bette Miller 2014-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Ted in a Tent

Posted on Jan 13, 2014
The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise has reached a milestone: 25 years of service! The Seaway News article about the achievement is linked here
The Rotary Club will also be setting up a ShelterBox mid-afternoon on Friday, January 17th in Lamoureux Park, which will be occupied by Rotarians until Saturday morning.
Four hardy Rotarians, Ted Castle, Larry Gaunce, Sebastian Warner and Peter Labelle, spent the chilly night of January 17 in the ShelterBox tent.
Ted in a Tent 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome Martin!

Posted on Jan 01, 2014
The high point of the final meeting of 2013 was the induction to membership of Martin Nadon, a professor at the Cornwall campus of St. Lawrence College where he instructs in the mathematics and physics related  areas of study. We appreciate that Terry sponsored Martin and we all look forward to becoming better acquainted and to sharing Rotary with him. 
Other high points were the opportunity to hear Dr Brian Hickey of the St Lawrence River Institute provide us with an overview of the initiatives taking place at the Institute. It was especially encouraging to him expain his "hands-on" approach to science for students such as those who participate in our annual Adventures in the Environment program. 
At this meeting we took the opportunity to thank the kitchen staff at Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge for the great breakfasts they serve us every Wednesday morning.
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Back to School Elizabeth Miller 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0

Williamstown Fair

Posted by Elizabeth Miller on Aug 13, 2013

Cornwall Sunrise members were out in force to park cars at the Williamstown Fair the second weekend in August, contributing a total of 210 hours of person-power. It is a great opportunity to meet members of our community; enjoy providing hands-on community service in a beautiful outdoor setting and have a lot of fun! The funds raised at this annual agricultural fair, (the oldest continuous one in Canada) will go right back into our community and Rotary projects this coming year! This event always is  "Fun with a Purpose"!

Williamstown Fair Elizabeth Miller 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z 0